Code is Life

My real name is Nebojsa, but you can call me Nick

I'm a PHP developer from Serbia that started doing Freelance work through Elance straight out of college. I studied Web Development and continued to improve my skills after I was done with school. A few years later I started work on Campayn, and now I'm the cofounder.

Here I've learned a lot about email marketing, automation, templating, responsive layouts, team management etc. My framework of choice is CakePHP but I know my way around the other MVC frameworks. I use Javascript and jQuery daily and can work with a design to make it into HTML/CSS, although the back-end is my natural habitat.

I write clean, readable, self-documenting code, but I also add comments where clarification is needed. I write Unit Tests in PHPUnit and try to cover as much bussiness logic as possible with it. I enjoy working with 3rd party APIs to quickly add functionality to my projects.

What I’m Good At

Project Planning

Going from an idea to finished product is tough. You're going to need to plan it well. A day of planning saves you a week of development.

Database Architecture

Needs to be fast? Needs to scale well? Needs to make sense? You're going to have to do it right.

Web Development

From the database, through the back-end, to the front-end and via the API. I'm a full-stack webDev.

Programming Skills

  • CakePHP - 100%
  • PHP - 95%
  • jQuery - 80%
  • HTML/CSS - 70%

Other Skills

  • MySQL - 90%
  • Linux - 60%
  • Server Management - 40%